The RAVEL network

The RAVeL (Réseau Autonome de Voies Slowes) of Wallonia is a network of cycle and pedestrian paths that stretches through the beautiful region of Wallonia in Belgium, and you are lucky to be close to this wonderful greenway thanks to the privileged location of our gite.

The RAVeL de Wallonie offers kilometers of marked, secure paths accessible to all cycling, walking and nature lovers. Whether you want to take a leisurely family walk, a sporty bike ride or simply enjoy a peaceful ride amid scenic scenery, the RAVeL has something to offer for all tastes and activity levels.

The RAVeL routes will take you through verdant countryside, bucolic valleys, mysterious forests and picturesque villages. You can experience the natural beauty of the area while enjoying a well-maintained track away from vehicular traffic.It's the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries, connect with nature and get away from the stresses of everyday life.

The RAVeL of Wallonia also connects many sites of tourist interest such as historic castles, heritage sites and picturesque towns.

Whether you are a passionate cyclist, a hiker eager for discovery or simply a nature lover in search of tranquillity, the RAVeL of Wallonia is the ideal place to explore the wonders of the region. Enjoy the stunning scenery, fresh air and relaxing ambience that the RAVeL has to offer, while staying close to our gite for an unforgettable holiday experience.

Get ready to get on your bike or put on your hiking boots and venture on the RAVeL of Wallonia, where adventures await you.