Pairi-Daza Park

Parc Pairi Daiza, located in the province of Hainaut in Belgium, is an exceptional place for nature lovers and animal enthusiasts. Just a 30 minute drive from our gite, it's an ideal destination for a day trip.

Pairi Daiza is much more than just an animal park. It is truly a lush botanical garden, home to an incredible diversity of flora and fauna from all over the world. The park spreads over a large area of several hectares, thus providing a spacious and pleasant environment to walk and explore.

The highlight of Pairi Daiza is its beautifully designed themed habitats. Each space is designed to recreate the ecosystem of a specific region, providing visitors with an immersive and educational experience. You can discover giant pandas in their Chinese habitat, majestic tigers in the valley of the source, gorillas in the African forest, and many other fascinating species.

In addition to the animals, the park also offers various shows and activities to entertain visitors, including demonstrations of birds in free flight.

Pairi Daiza also emphasizes the conservation of endangered species and raising awareness about the preservation of biodiversity. The park participates in numerous breeding and reintroduction programs for endangered animals, thus contributing to the preservation of the world's wildlife.

In summary, Parc Pairi Daiza is an extraordinary place where you can marvel at the beauty of nature and discover fascinating animal species, all just 30 minutes by car from our gîte. Whether you are with family, friends or as a couple, a visit to Pairi Daiza promises to be an unforgettable experience.

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