Notre Dame a la Rose Hospital in Lessines

Notre Dame à la Rose Hospital in Lessines 30 minutes from the cottage

Notre Dame à la Rose Hospital is a historic hospital facility located in Lessines, Belgium. It was founded in the 13th century, in 1242, making it one of the oldest hospitals in Europe still in operation. The hospital takes its name from the Notre-Dame à la Rose chapel which was located nearby.

The visits are magnificent and take you back 800 years!

Here are some highlights of the hospital:

  1. Rich History : The hospital was established by Joan of Constantinople, Countess of Flanders, as a hospital for the poor and pilgrims. It was run by Cistercian nuns until the early 19th century when health care was secularized.
  2. Architecture and gardens :The hospital has a remarkable historic building with Gothic architecture. The hospital grounds are also known for their beauty and tranquility, making it a calming place for patients and visitors.
  3. Hospital Museum : Hôpital Notre Dame à la Rose is also home to a fascinating museum that allows visitors to learn about the history of healthcare, medicine and hospitality through the centuries. You will be able to discover ancient medical objects and learn more about the evolution of medical practices.
  4. Modern medical services : Although the hospital is steeped in history, it also offers modern and high quality medical services. It offers various medical services, from outpatient care to hospital care, including emergency services.
  5. Community involvement :The hospital actively engages with the community by organizing health awareness events, prevention programs and educational activities to promote the well-being of the local population.

Notre Dame à la Rose Hospital is a unique place that combines history and modernity. It is appreciated both for the quality of its medical care and for its cultural and heritage importance in the region. If you have the opportunity to visit Lessines, this is a place that I highly recommend you discover.

Hospital Notre-Dame à la Rose, Place Alix de Rosoit, 7860 Lessines