Beloeil Castle

Beloeil Castle, known as the Belgian Verailles, located just 20 minutes by car from Maulde gite, is a true architectural and historical marvel. Nestled in the heart of the Belgian countryside, this majestic castle is surrounded by lavish gardens that make it a must-visit destination for lovers of beauty and culture.

The visit inside the Château de Beloeil is a fascinating dive into history. By entering its walls, you will be transported through the centuries and discover a splendid decor that bears witness to the elegance and refinement of the nobles who lived there: the Princes of the Line. The richly furnished rooms, adorned with tapestries, paintings and sculptures, invite you to relive the luxurious atmosphere of the time. The passionate guides will reveal the anecdotes and stories that have shaped this emblematic place.

After exploring the inner treasures of the castle, you can stroll through the beautiful gardens that surround it.The gardens of Beloeil are renowned for their beauty and harmony.

They extend over hectares and offer a profusion of colors and scents in all seasons. You can stroll along the flower-lined paths, marvel at the fountains and graceful statues, and rest in quiet corners where serenity reigns supreme. The gardens are carefully landscaped, blending formal and landscaped elements, creating a poetic and romantic ambiance.

A visit to the Château de Beloeil and its gardens is an enriching experience that will delight lovers of history, architecture and nature. You can admire the contrast between the interior elegance of the castle and the natural splendor of the gardens, creating a perfect harmony between man and nature.

Do not hesitate to dedicate a whole day to this visit, as the Château de Beloeil also offers other activities such as temporary exhibitions, concerts and cultural events that will allow you to dive even deeper into the unique atmosphere of this exceptional place.

In short, whether to appreciate history, art, architecture or simply to enjoy the natural beauty, a visit to the Château de Beloeil and its gardens is an unforgettable experience not to be missed during your stay. in Maulde.

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