Mill of Thimougies



Le Moulin de Thimougies is a windmill located at the top of the village of Thimougies, Belgium. It is 6 kilometers from our gîte, accessible in an hour on foot and in 15 minutes by bike.

Erected in 1215 by Lord ""Jean de Thimougies"". It was destroyed by a hurricane in 1606. Rebuilt, it was again overturned by the storm in 1771. The miller straightened it and the mill kept its activity until 1926. In 1943, the site was classified by the Royal Commission of Landmarks and Sites. In 2006, the Lefebvre foundation amended its statutes to create the Moulin de Thimougies public utility foundation. Our mill collapsed again on Thursday January 10, 2008. It was then rebuilt and inaugurated on Friday April 1, 2022.

It is the property of the public utility foundation: ""Fondation du Moulin de Thimougies"", and is part of the historical and architectural heritage of the region.

A great video to watch:

This windmill is distinguished by its imposing structure, with a stone seat that supports the simply laid assembly at its base. It is characterized by its conical roof and its wooden wings, which were used to capture the force of the wind and operate the internal mechanisms of the mill.

Inside, the Moulin de Thimougies was equipped with stone millstones which were used to grind grain and produce flour. The blades of the mill were oriented according to the direction of the wind, thus making it possible to maximize the production of flour. It is still active, driven by the wind to grind grain.

Today it is open to visitors who can experience the inner workings of the mill on its three levels, learn about the grain milling process, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area from the top of the tower.

Make your visit reservation and take ground flour on site by clicking HERE .